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Smart SMS API is the most powerful SMS API released to date. And more interestingly, it intelligently handles phone numbers on DND efficiently and delivers SMS to them using the Corporate Route. In addition, Smart SMS API can also deliver Plain Flash SMS, Unicode SMS and Flash Unicode SMS.

Smart SMS API gives developers the wonderful opportunity to tap into the enterprise infrastructure of Smart SMS Solutions from anywhere in the world and get the same world class standard in service delivery. What is more? It allows even non-experts to develop applications that can make use of whatever language or application whatsoever to tap into the powers of the API.

Smart SMS API is offered via HTTPS GET and HTTPS POST. To send a message, just make an HTTPS POST/GET to the API URL with the relevant parameters containing the sender id, phone numbers, message, message type and the routing choice.


Delivery to Phone Numbers on DND

Smart SMS API is currently the only SMS API available that delivers to phone numbers on DND via the Corporate Route. Smart SMS API can also intelligently send SMS to only phone number on DND via corporate route, thereby saving you a lot of money. You may also decide to route all the messages via the corporate route or leave out phone numbers on DND entirely and your account will not be billed.


Smart SMS API is designed with security in mind. Therefore, all connections are in HTTPS

Passwordless :

Smart SMS API moved away from the traditional username/password authentication system for SMS API, to adopt Authentication Keys. With the use of authentication keys, developers no longer risk revealing their SMS account login credentials. Additionally, when it is noticed that token has been compromised, it can be deactivated entirely. Thus, protecting the account without having to change the accounts login credentials.

Multiple Token System :

Connections are authenticated via token with API. The most interesting part is that each account can hold has much as 100 tokens. This enables developers to provide personalized service to each of their clients, monitor the activities of each Token and deactivate when needed. You can also configure the token so that it cannot retrieve the account SMS balance, set an expiry date, besides other cool options.

Flash Messages Enabled

API can now deliver flash messages. It can deliver Plain text flash message or Unicode Flash message.

Unicode Support

We have all been there! That moment you need to send SMS in non-Latin characters over the API, be it in the local languages such as Igbo or Yoruba or foreign such as Arabic or Hebrew. Smart SMS API supports messaging in Unicode. It can deliver Unicode Text and Unicode Flash SMS.

Dead & DND Filter

Smart SMS API has the power to filter phone numbers that are no longer active or on DND before sending SMS to the rest of the phone numbers. This gives developers the opportunity to send SMS to phone numbers with high deliverability index, thereby saving cost and improving delivery efficiency.

Comprehensive Server Reply

SMart SMS API is also the only SMS API that gives the most comprehensive reply when messages are sent. The reply gives details of the list of phone numbers that were successful, phone numbers sent via the basic route, those sent via the Corporate Route, the total units charged, units charged for basic route, corporate route, total number of SMS pages and phone number filter-report

Delivery Report

Above all, Smart SMS API offers delivery report! With delivery report, developers are no longer in the dark of the status of their SMS. You can assess delivery on the website, via your email or set up a DLR Push URL.

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